The Time is Now: Claim Your Talent Advantage

By Gary M. Jordan, Pd.D.

Claiming Your Talent Advantage and using it to experience a fulfilled life are more than theoretical concepts for me. I have spent over 30 years learning about, researching, and applying Talent Advantage to the lives of others as well as my own. I truly understand the difficulties involved with fully living the theory. It seems this concept is much easier to describe conceptually than it is to transform into reality.


Ultimately, I am aware of the forces at work in our lives that keep us from claiming our skills and living our talents. But more importantly, I also know the joy and sense of meaning that can be experienced when you choose to be driven by Your Talent Advantage. In other words, the benefits of living Your Talent Advantage certainly outweigh any potential hurdles you might face along the way!

When my father died in 2002, I had the painful task of going through his things and deciding what to do with them. I remember opening one of his dresser drawers and discovering two or three shirts that were brand new and still folded and pinned as they came from the store. My father was the type of person who would continue to wear something until it was ready to fall apart, even when he had a suitable replacement. If asked why he didn’t start wearing the new one he would reply “I’m saving it.” The irony of dying while still owning thirty year old brand new unworn shirts that were being saved would be laughable if it were not so sad.

Like my father’s new shirts, the time to use Your Talent Advantage is now. If you wait for “the right time” or until you “really need it” it is going to be too late. Life will pass you by as you continue to work away in jobs and careers that use skills and roles that wear you out and leave you exhausted. Someday you will arrive at the same destination that we all do. Do you want to arrive fulfilled by the journey having lived a life of meaning, full of joy? Then make a decision to fully use Your Talent Advantage. Make it today.

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